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The Golden Chariot - A luxury Hotel on Wheels

Welcome aboard The Golden Chariot. A journey that takes you through the splendours of a glorious land. In a truly royal setting. Kingdom after kingdom, The Golden Chariot takes you into a spectacular journey of discovery. Of empires that shaped the history of the land. Of kings who were more artists than rulers. Of forgotten cities, unearthed in all its glory. The train unfurls one mystery after another. Before letting you immerse in the natural wonders around. Mighty waterfalls. Exotic jungles. Virgin beaches. Silent valleys. Countless stories. Of gods, poets and saints. And when you come back tired, indulge in the extremely exquisite ambience of The Golden Chariot. Two fine dining restaurants, a lounge bar, a spa and a gym await you. Not to mention, the ultra-luxurious cabins designed in architectural styles that flaunt the rich heritage of Karnataka. A most royal travel experience. Just like in those days.

The Golden Chariot - Pride of the South
A journey reassuringly long. From most modern cities to forgotten lands. The glorious ruins at Hampi. The stone-sculpted temples at Belur and Halebeedu. The tallest standing monolith chiseled out of a single rock, at Shravanabelagola. Cave temples hewn out of sandstone at Badami. The magnificent structures at Pattadakal. The glory that is Mysore. And that's not all. Virgin beaches and mighty waterfalls flash past your window. And the generous spread of dense jungles and the amazing wildlife of Kabini add colour to the fabulous train journey.

The Golden Chariot - Southern Splendour
Just like the name suggests, this journey is truly out of this world. Heritage cities. Sleepy villages. Vibrant festivals. From the erstwhile French colony of Puducherry to the famed backwaters of Kerala. Lush green paddy fields and cobalt blue skies. A brilliant and colourful display. Meet the Gods. Say a prayer. Every day, you will be reborn. In a different age, different time. Walk the temples at Madurai. And spend a lazy evening at Kovalam beach. You would want to call the journey anything more than just splendour.

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