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Anticipation, Trepidation, Palpitation, Excitement, Exhilaration - These are just a few of the emotions that a rendezvous with the wild can leave you with.

Take a step back from the frenzied pace of city life and enter a mesmerizing world. A world of dense Sal and Sheesham forests teeming with a breathtaking biodiversity.

Mapple Leisure Resort Corbett is a haven for the passionate wildlife enthusiast. With the resort spread over 7 acres and located just outside the National park's periphery, you can hear the welcoming call of the wild beckoning you into its womb.

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2016 Hideaway Luxury HotelMapple Leisure Resort

Locations:    Bangalore    ▪     Bhimtal    ▪    Jodhpur    ▪    New Delhi    ▪    Pune    ▪    The Golden Chariot-Luxury Train

Corbett Leisure Resort | Starting from: Rs. 5000 with Average Guest Rating 3.5/5 based on 29 Reviews.